Are you tired of the ever repeating boring teambuilding? We are too. Therefore we have created unique teambuilding spiced up with some action that will make your employees step out of their comfort zone to experience the unique thrill.


Teambuilding – Fall Down Like a Pro


This teambuilding will teach you the basics of falling techniques in a safe and easy way. In consists of following parts.


  • Everyday’s falls – no matter how hard you try, everyone has already experienced the touchdown with mother earth. This part will teach how to master these situations safely and with grace.
  • Falling From a Chair – without getting hurt. This little stunt can be used to freak out your friends or colleagues
  • High falls – we will start falling from as little as 1 meter. Learning the correct techniques the brave ones can try a fall up to 4 meters. No worries landing mats will be provided.

Catering included.

Minimum estimated length:          7 hours

Price for the whole workshop:       1200 EUR


Teambuilding – The Best of the Stuntmen Industry


This workshop is dedicated to demanding clients and top managements. All attendees will have more than one possibility to face their fears and overcome them. The rewarding unique experience will give them the confidence and strength to face everyday difficulties and will make them a stronger team, knowing they can rely on each other even in extreme situations.

The clients will work as a team with our specialist who will guide them through the exiting world of stunt industry. The workshop will cover following areas:

  • High Falls – starting at one meter you can end up jumping of 7 m tall tower. (Above 2,5 m it is the trainer who decide how much further the clie
  • nt can go to and still be safe)
  • Rigging – hanging on ropes you can try out even advanced acrobatic stunts or be “thrown away” from a bomb blast or a punch. You colleagues will learn how to keep you safe handling the ropes.
  • Burning – gives you the unique opportunity to try out the king discipline of stuntmen world. After learning the basics we will set your hand or part of the back on fire. Your team members will learn how to extinguish a burning person effectively.
  • Fighting Scene – under the direction of our stuntman and choreographer you will be learning an action fighting scene, which will be than recorded on camera.Catering included. 

    1Minimal expected length:                     8 hours

    Price for the whole teambuilding:    2080 – 3400 EUR