Studio Rental


The primary mission of our StuntStudio is to connect movie professionals from around Europe and to offer them the rental of our unique StuntStudio and the expert services of our stuntmen team. Our main offer is thus directed at:


  • Movie Professionals
  • TV Productions
  • Amateur Filmmakers


Nevertheless StuntStudio can offer so much more. It is definitely a great and very original place for:


  • Martial Art Classes
  • Fencing
  • Team Buildings
  • Public Events
  • Company Happenings


How much will it be?



Film Productions, Photographers

Price start from 200Eur per day.


* Electricity, gas and water usage are charged extra based on the current rates

** Individual pricing possible depedning on the number of shooting days

*** Preparation day is any day the StuntStudio is in or for the pre or post production but no shooting is taking place.


Interested? Get in touch with us!


Jiří Kosorinský   +420 774 727 060  |