The Stuntstudioo is an unique combination of a movie studio with a stunts platform, located in a formstudio2er rocket fuel factory in Brno-Řečkovice. Thanks to that, the studio in basically undestructable, stable and stunts friendly.

The Studio is equipped with many fixation points that can hold up to 1500kg/m2, thanks to which we can do various rigging projects – we can make everyone fly and hang in the air, anywhere and anyhow.

We have also one the highest highfall interiors in central Europe. We’re able to do jumps from big heights, up to 8,5 m.

The Stuntstudio is made for classic stunt projects. You don’t have to tiptoe around, being afraid to break something or make a hole in the wall. We’re able tu sustain even hardcore filming, where people and stuff fly around in the air and motorcycles get destroyed!

A professional stunt team Czech stunts is a part of the studio.

Our money policy makes the studio available to small, as well as big productions, amateur filmmakers and low-budget projects. Nevertheless we care about the quality of our services very much and can please even the highest-demanding productions.

Masking mirrors and tables in the studio are granted, the electricity site has a big capacity, running water works and as a bonus – we have a corporate dining room inside the building.

We can arrange lighting according to your demands, catering, sfx make up professionals, all under one roof.

We’re looking forward to you!


We bring safety into the stunt world 


CZECH STUNTS s.r.o. is a stunt team made of profesional stuntmenwho focuses on finding the right balance between the strict safety rules and the directors artistic intention 

We can offer you a full range of stunt servicewhich cover not only stunts – body and naked skin burninghigh fallsrigging and wire stunts, film fights and car stunts but also advisingmanaging and supervising health and safety during the filmingProving our skills, CZECH STUNTS s.r.o is a proud holder of 2 national records in high falls and naked skin burning 

We strictly adhere to health and safety requirements drafted by the Czech Labour Code No. 262/2006 Coll. as well as European Safety Directive 89/391/EEC. CZECH STUNTS s.r.o also adopted the safety best practices as outlined by the british UK government agency Health and safety ExecutiveFollowing this we can trully consider ourselves being leaders in the field of occupational health and safety on the set.